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AX Mineral 20lb Bucket

AX Mineral 20lb Bucket

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Made for Serious Hunters:
AX Deer Mineral is the go-to choice for serious hunters who understand the importance of optimal deer nutrition in maximizing the potential for trophy-worthy bucks. By using AX Deer Mineral, hunters can attract, retain, and grow a healthier deer population, increasing their chances of encountering and harvesting top-quality game. Whether you're an experienced hunter or a passionate newcomer, AX Deer Mineral will give you the edge you need for a successful hunting season.

With AX Deer Mineral's superior blend of 100% organic trace minerals, probiotics, highest levels of vitamins, mold inhibitor, and a balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio, serious hunters can confidently elevate their wildlife management strategies and contribute to the overall health and performance of the deer population in their hunting grounds. Make the smart choice for your hunting endeavors - choose AX Deer Mineral for a rewarding and satisfying hunting experience like never before.


AX Deer Mineral is a premium supplement designed to provide your deer herd with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Packed with 100% organic trace minerals, highest levels of vitamins, probiotics, mold inhibitor, and a balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio, this cutting-edge mineral mix is tailored to support optimal health, growth, and performance for deer of all ages.


  • 100% Organic Trace Minerals: Our mineral blend is formulated with organic trace minerals, ensuring that your wildlife receives the most bioavailable, digestible minerals on the market.

  • Highest Levels of Vitamins: The carefully formulated vitamin mix guarantees that deer get the necessary vitamins to maintain peak health and vitality.

  • Probiotics: Promote a healthy gut environment for deer with probiotics, which can lead to improved digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Mold Inhibitor: We've added a mold inhibitor to safeguard the mineral's freshness and prevent any spoilage, ensuring your deer always get the best quality nutrients.
  • Balanced Calcium/Phos. Ratio: The precise balance of calcium and phosphorus is crucial for deer antler development, bone strength, and overall wellness.
  • Designed for Performance: Created with the specific needs of wildlife in mind, AX Deer Mineral is a performance-enhancing supplement that can lead to healthier and more robust deer populations.

  • Simple to Use: Our product comes in an easy-to-use form, making it effortless to distribute the mineral blend in your desired feeding areas.

  • Made Fresh - Shipped Fast: We take pride in our fresh production process, ensuring that you receive a product with optimal potency. With our speedy shipping, you won't have to wait long to start seeing the benefits for your deer.

Instructions for Use:

  • Choose a suitable feeding area frequented by deer.
  • Broadcast the AX Deer Mineral evenly over the chosen location.
  • Monitor and refill the feeding site as needed.

Note: Always provide an adequate supply of fresh water nearby to complement the mineral supplementation.

Take the health and performance of your deer population to new heights with AX Deer Mineral - the ultimate natural solution for thriving wildlife. Order now and witness the transformation of your wildlife habitat. 




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